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Today no one expects to work for a company and retire 40 years later with a gold watch and a sense of having done right by the boss. Now, more than ever, we expect to love what we do or do what we love.

Younger generations, especially, understand the benefit of a steady paycheck, but also want to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their careers.

Unfortunately, burn-out and the constant pressure to be on the go is leaving some of the most valued and valuable people on your team feeling disengage, disenchanted and dreading coming into work. Good leaders know, their most productive, engaged, driven, stable and loyal team members are the people who understand the value of what they do, the people who feel that there is purpose and meaning in the work they put in everyday.

My mission is to help men and women fall back in love with what they do, and regain a sense of control, purpose and fulfillment from their careers. The years are too short, and the work weeks too long, to live only for the weekends.

Each speaking topic is designed to help my audience effectively identify and eradicate common behaviors that lead to burnout and work dissatisfaction. I want to show them how to define their purpose, identify their needs and revive their passion for what they do.

1/ Speak Up!

You’re driven, ambitious and a team player. You want to be and do the best, even at the cost of your own needs and well-being. So there are times you say, ‘Yes. Okay. Sure,’ when what you mean and what you need is to say, ‘No. Not now. Maybe another time.’ Poor communication, lack of assertiveness and not saying what you mean is a guaranteed way to build confusion, resentment and burn out in any relationship – be it romantic or professional.

Discover the real cost of not speaking up and how to know if you’re guilty of it.

∗ Learn 6 step process of real-world assertiveness and how to stand up for yourself without sounding like a robot or a jerk.

∗ Find out how saying what you mean, and meaning what you say is the key to becoming more confident.


2/ Overbooked and Overwhelmed:

One life lesson, and Two 2-minute practices to bust through stress and restore balance.

∗ It’s never a good idea to ignore your feelings

∗ Discover the fine Art of Doing nothing and how 2 minutes can save your sanity

∗ Walk away with a 5-step check in to address problems not just symptoms of stress


3/ Love What You Do /Do What You Love:

Do you wake up looking forward to Monday or dreaming of the weekend? Does all that talk about following your passion stress you out, or leave you dreaming? Are you feeling brunt out at work, and uncertain of what to do about the next 30 years of your career?

∗ Find out why ‘know thyself’ not ‘find your passion’ is the key to loving your Monday- Friday as much as you love the weekend.

∗  A simple process to find your focus and stop dreading your work day.

∗  5 top mindsets and assumptions that leave you feeling stuck and stressed out.

Your Questions Answered

Who's your audience?

I’ve spoken at health and wellness conferences where the focus was living better everyday and thriving. I’ve addressed corporate audiences who’s goal was to maximize their employee’s satisfaction, stress management and engagement. And I’ve successfully spoken to a room full of San Diego Police Department  staff about stress management and (yikes!) feelings.

In my capacity of psychologist I’ve spent too much time trapped in rooms – a captive audience – listening to the most boring speakers. I design my speeches to meet the needs, demographics and expectations of my audience.

So whether you’re looking for someone to motivate a room full of Millennial go-getters who are looking for their true north, or teach a group of executives and managers how best to connect with their teams, you can be sure the content will be adapted to the audience.

What is the length of your presentations?

In general my keynote speeches are 30-60 minutes long. I have been known to condense a presentation down to TED lengths and to extend a talk to 90 minutes. I offer both basic presentations,  presentations with workshops or seminars, as well as retreats.

Send me an email and we can talk about your needs and how best to meet them.

What do you charge?

Please email me about your event and your needs to receive a quote. Please note that basic travel and accommodations will be charged.

Send me an email.

Will you travel for an event?

I am more thank happy to travel for your event. I have presented both on the continental US and internationally. Please note that if you are outside of San Diego County and its adjoining areas basic travel and accommodation charges will be charged.

What equipment will you need?

I will have a lap top and/or a jump drive. You’ll need to provide the audio visual equipment including: a projector, a screen, speakers, microphone (lapel preferred) and lighting. For smaller workshops, or if you’d prefer, I can talk without visuals and I’ve got a strong voice, but like with any good story a picture can tell a thousand words.

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