Do you love what you do?

How many days till the weekend?

Because this week is crazy, last week was worse, and next week doesn’t look any better.


What happened? It doesn’t seem so long ago you had all kinds of hopes and dreams. You were going to take on the world, kick ass, be recognized for how good you were, and do something really meaningful with your life.


But it’s only Tuesday and already your week’s dragging on. You’ve hit snooze every morning, and end-up rushing to get out of the door on time. Your day is a blur of to-dos and deadlines. It’s go, go go until you leave work – you barely have time to pee, let alone grab lunch.


You used to get some sense of satisfaction from it all… or at least you think you did. But nowadays you’re too exhausted and wiped out to know what’s what.  Between building a career, and trying to be a good friend, being a good daughter, and remaining an active human being, you’re tapped out!


It’s not that you don’t have fun, it’s just that you find yourself living for weekends & holidays. And there’re too few of those in a lifetime to make this state of affairs acceptable.


One thing is for sure..


…this is not how you’d pictured your life!

So lets do something about it!



There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning and feel excited about the day ahead (even on a Monday).


Sure, things got out of hand! But a life where you go to work doing something you love, and feel competent, in control and valued isn’t too much to ask for.


Actually, that’s what I do. I help women like you :

  • Slow down,
  • Figure out where things went wrong, 
  • Discover what you need to fall in love with life again,
  • Build the confidence to go for the things you want,
  • And make a plan to get there.


Get back to dreaming big.


Enjoy your everyday. Make plans without feeling exhausted. In other words, live a life you know you won’t one day regret.

Where do you start?


1. Before you do anything else

Grab the free Art of Nothing training. This 7-day email series will introduce you to a small but vital step I took back in 2014 when I was brunt-out, stuck and it felt impossible to put me first.

The Art of Nothing is now one of the first things I teach the women and men I work with. It’s a first, but essential step if you want to slow down, quiet the noise in your world, and start taking better care of yourself.

Before you can figure out what to change, you gotta learn to listen to yourself.

2. Ready for a Change?

Check out LīF (life), my signature coaching program:

  1. Understand what you need to wake up and love your life.
  2. Break through your fears + build confidence.
  3. Take action + make the changes you so desperately want!

Learn more about the program and find the series that’s right for you…
            …or check out the LīF HUB for FREE TODAY

A life where you look forward to an everyday that is right for you and wake up excited in the mornings,  doesn’t have to be a dream. It could become your reality if you can confidently answer these three questions:


  1. What do I need to do to wake up and look forward to my day?
  2. Why am I so afraid to go after the things I want?
  3. What exact steps do I have to take to get there?

That's why I created LīF.

LīF (pronounced life) is a three step coaching program, designed to help you find your focus, get past any fears or roadblocks, and create a step by step plan that’s motivating, effective and will work because it’s right for you.

Step 1: Find your focus. Discover what you can do to feel inspired and excited by your everyday

  • I should be happy. On paper my life’s great, but I feel blah and uninspired.
  • I’m scared I’m wasting my time doing things that don’t really matter to me.
  • I feel totally stuck, I’m not sure what’ right for me, I can’t settle on one thing.


What you need to stop feeling this way is a bit of insight.

The first step of  LiF will help you create a strong, clear and true list of things that inspire, motivate and fulfill you.  In other words you’ll be able to answer the question “what makes me happy?” without an ounce of hesitation.

You’ll also learn to take a dream, and turn it into a realistic and feasible goal that you can act on now, without having to be a millionaire or taking a sabbatical from your life.

By the end of this step that fear you have of wasting your life doing things that won’t really matter will be a distant nightmare.

Step 2: Stop feeling stuck. Discover what's holding you back, face your fears & get past roadblocks

  • I’m terrified I’ll make the wrong choice.
  • I keep on second guessing myself.
  • I’m stuck, I know what I want, but I’m not going for it.


It’s time to take a closer look at yourself, and discover why, despite the best intentions and the most amazing plans, you sometimes still end up stuck and paralyzed.

In Step II, you’ll find out what your most common roadblocks are. You’ll learn exactly how to pinpoint and get past your roadblocks and fears.

This portion of LīF is like a power therapy session, without the hours on the couch or the hassle of dealing with your insurance company.

You’ll come out of it this feeling powerful, confident and ready to slay any dragon that stands between you and your personal grail.

Step 3: Get a step by step roadmap the life you want to live. Create a plan that's right for you using a proven process.

  • Where do I start?
  • I don’t want to lose focus this time round.
  • What steps do I need to take to get from here to where I need to be?


You know what’s right for you, you can see all the potential roadblocks and you’ve got a fix for them. Now’s the time to move into action.

Step III of LiF is about building a plan that will lead to a life that’s right for you because it’s not only good, it’s realistic, feasible and crafted to fit your life.

Take a dream, break it down into real-world goals, and craft a month by month plan to reach it.

There’s nothing like a clear destination and a road map with specific directions to make you feel confident about getting in the driver’s seat and on the road again.

How will you do LīF?

Dr Alessandra Wall -San Diego PsychologistWe’re all busy with lives that are similar, but not the same. What works for one person may not work for another.

In life, one size never really fits all.

Which is why LīF comes in three different formats. Each version is designed to help you create a better everyday, so check them out and choose the one that’s right for you.

The LīF Kit + HUB

You have a ton of questions, and you would like to start at the very least by getting some conclusive answers to those life-defining questions.

You are feeling confident in your ability to work through this process at your own pace, and stay focused in your pursuit for something better.

You are not quite sure where to start, or maybe you’re feeling a bit shy about making a huge investment right now, and you would like to take this process one step at a timeI get that, which is why I created the LīF HUB.

Try it for 30-days. Join the LīF HUB and enjoy a month FREE >>> click here

Get access to the LīF Kits + tutorial in an easy to use course format. Access extra resources + tools as they are created.  Join the community and meet other people who like you expect more out of life and are doing something about it.  

The LīF HUB is a great place to start your journey to a life that’s right for you.

Claim your FREE 30-day PASS and see what it’s all about!

Join our brand new LīF HUB!

Claim my FREE 30-day PASS!

It's time to focus on you!

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Community LīF

You are ready to make real changes. You are done procrastinating or giving in to the millions of excuses and distractions life throws your way. You want what’s right for you and you want it now.

Community LīF is a great option if you are serious about crafting a life that is right for you and would like the support and accountability of a like-minded community.

Join weekly group coaching sessions, ask questions, get personalized feedback, share your progress and set goals to keep moving forward. Become part of an active community of people and benefit from their insights and journey.

Become a lifetime member of the LīF HUB.

If you’re going to do it, do it right, give yourself the tools you need to not only start, but finish this journey and get where you want to be.

FORMAT: 14 weeks, 10 coaching calls, up to 9 other active members, 3 LīF Kits and 1 kick ass coach. Community LīF is an elegant solution to staying focused and committed to thriving + lifetime membership to the LīF HUB.

Send me an email with your questions, see if Community LīF is right for you

Next Community LīF session starts July 10th, 2017. Don't miss your chance to join and thrive.

Join the Community.

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LīF 1:1

Building a life that’s right for you isn’t just something you want, it’s something you need!

You have read the books and followed the prescriptions. You’ve tried making changes on your own and now you are ready for some help.

You are ready to delve deep into the question of your own happiness and life satisfaction. You know the journey is an important one, and you want detailed, personalized and professional insights into what you need, why you’re stuck, and how to get where you want to be.

You want a plan that is tailored to you and your life.

Then you definitely want LiF 1:1!

FORMAT: 16 weeks, 12 coaching sessions, 3 Kits, 2 extra months of unlimited email feedback, 1 coach with undivided attention,  extra tools and resources as needed + a community of like-minded people who expect more out of life.

It’s time to focus on you, to stop wasting your opportunities, and reclaim your life

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