You Can
Look Forward to Mondays
Like You Look Forward To
The Weekends

Let me show you how to fall back in love with what you do.
Discover what you need to feel fulfilled, let go of your fear, and take that step towards a life and
a career that’s right for you.

How many days till the weekend?

Because this week is crazy, last week was worse, and next week doesn’t look any better.


What happened? It doesn’t seem so long ago you had all kinds of hopes and dreams. You were going to take on the world, kick ass, be recognized for how good you were, and do something really meaningful with your life.


But it’s only Tuesday and already your week’s dragging on. You’ve hit snooze every morning, and end-up rushing to get out of the door on time. Your day is a blur of to-dos and deadlines. It’s go, go go until you leave work – you barely have time to pee, let alone grab lunch.


You used to get some sense of satisfaction from it all… or at least you think you did. But nowadays you’re too exhausted and wiped out to know what’s what.  Between building a career, and trying to be a good friend, being a good daughter, and remaining an active human being, you’re tapped out!


It’s not that you don’t have fun, it’s just that you find yourself living for weekends & holidays. And there’re too few of those in a lifetime to make this state of affairs acceptable.


One thing is for sure..


…this is not how you pictured your life!

Wake up excited, go to bed fulfilled...

You know that sh*t eating grin some people get when they talk about what they do?

It’s like you just asked them to tell you everything about the person they just fell in love with. They can hardly contain how excited and giddy they are, and the passion they have just pours out of them.

That’s the way I feel  about Life in Focus, and you deserve to feel it too. So I create LīF!

LīF is as coaching series designed specifically to help you discover what you need to love your career and your life again.

Life in Focus Coaching was designed for women like you – smart, driven, ambitious – who expect a lot out of life and are worried they’re missing out on it.

LīF is right for you if your job is more than a paycheck, if it’s a means for you to make a difference, leave you mark and demonstrate your talent.

If you’ve gone from feeling like you could make a difference, to dreading waking-up Monday – Friday. If you go about your day overbooked, overwhelmed, constantly busy. If you’re wondering whether the things you’re doing are right for you…

Then, you’re exactly where you belong.

You've got drive...

You’ve got talent. Working hard is fine by you. But you want to be sure that you’re focusing on things that will still feel right ten years from now.

You never expected life to be easy, but you never expected to feel burnt-out and so confused about what you want to do this early in your career.

I understand that, because I was right there with you (check out my story here). And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why I created life, because I believe you and I deserve better than to bust our butts and expend our talents doing things we don’t love.

LīF (pronounced life) is my signature 3-part coaching series created to help you understand what you need to feel fulfilled.

Discover what right for you looks like. Use the process and tools I’ve honed over my past 15+ years as a psychologist to: overcome your fears, build your confidence, and take the steps to create a life and a career you will love.

1. insight

What do you need to be happy?
Discover what you need to get that giddy perm-grin on your face when you’re asked what you do.
Find your true north.

Learn how to take a dream and turn it into a goal that you can act on now, without winning the lottery or completely redesigning your life.

By the time you’re done with this stage of LīF you’ll know exactly what you need to wake up excited in the morning.

2. confidence

It’s not enough to know what you need, you have to trust yourself to get it.

Discover why you sometimes feel stuck even though you know what you need to change. Learn exactly how to pinpoint and get past your roadblocks and fears.

Step II of LīF is like a power therapy session without the hours on the proverbial couch or the hassle of insurance companies.

3. action

Where do you start? Lets create a fail proof plan to get you where you deserve to be.

Create a step by step plan. Get a detailed roadmap to your better everyday so you never feel lost or off track again.

In this final phase of LīF you’ll learn how to take a dream, break it down into real-life goals, and get the tools to craft a month by month that’s right for you.

Find out what it'll take for you to love your 9-5.
Get ready to shine- become the confident, fascinating, successful woman you know yourself to be.


Here's What You Get

Get the tools to restore balance and regain control. To help you succeed I’ve put together a whole package of tools, strategies and systems which include:


1/ The complete LīF Coaching Strategy:

Get this 3-part course and all 16 lessons. Answer all those questions that keep you up at night: 1) What do I need to do to love my job? 2) How can I trust that I won’t regret my choices in a few years? 3) Why do I feel so stuck? 4) How do I build confidence and get over this imposter complex? 4) What steps do I need to take to love what I do or do what I love? 5) Is it really possible to love what you do for the rest of your life?


2/ The Vision of LīF series:

Browse through these three volumes of curated posts + tools to maximize your success and inspire you to take the leap.


3/ The LīF HUB:

Gain access to the support you need to succeed with up-to-date resources + tools + content

+ 2 Bonuses

1/ Access to Relaxation 101 Audio Series

Let go of all the tension you carry around everyday. Relax and decompress one muscle, one breath at a time with this audio series.


2/ Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

Join me on Crowdcast every other week. I’ll prepare a special topic just for you, based on the the questions, issues and feedback I get throughout the week.  You can also ask questions of your own, and get help with the changes you’re trying to make.

LīF Coaching Kits - build a great life at your own pace

What's Your Coaching Style?

A La Carte

Coaching a la carte? Why, yes please…

Need some help building your confidence, asking for that raise, or staying committed to a goal?

Wish you had someone on your side who supports you, helps you figure out what choices are right for you, and keeps you accountable when fear or fatigue make you want to procrastinate?

With a la carte sessions you can check in for a single confidence boosting call, or work together for a series of sessions to reach a specific goal.

Typical hourly fee is $175, may vary for women who purchase packages of sessions.

Email me so we can schedule a session to see if we’re a good fit

 – $175/hour

Exceptional Insight Membership

Exceptional Insight combines:

2 hours of high impact personal coaching + 2 months unlimited email feedback + the Back to Me e-book – a 4-week guide to better self-care + 12 month access to the LīF coaching resources including any future updates to the program.

Exceptional Insight is right for you if you’re determined and driven, but also realistic, and you know that life’s to-do’s and have-to’s have a nasty tendency of  getting in your way.

Choose this membership level if you want 1)help staying on track, 2) extra support when you get stuck, and 3) if you’re ready to wake-up excited to face your day sooner, rather than later.

This program comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

 – $549

LīF 1:1

How would you like to have an expert on your side?

You’re no slacker, you’ve read all the books, followed the prescriptions, heck you’ve even signed up for a few programs before. You’ve tried making changes on your own and now you are ready for some real help.

You know this journey is important, and you want to do it right. Get personalized and professional insights into what you need, why you’re stuck, and how to get where you want to be.

LīF 1:1 is a driven 4-month coaching program for women who want to make a change and be done with excuses and setbacks.

LīF 1:1 comes with lifetime access to online LīF coaching resources including any future updates to the program, plus…

8 personal coaching sessions +  6 months of unlimited email feedback + Back to Me e-book + the complete LīF Kit – all 3 LīF workbooks & Vision of LīF editions, the LīF journal, planner, pen set and stickers (available only in North America)

Try if for a month if you don’t love what you get, this program comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

 – $1949

Choose your LīF get started today...

Praise for Life in Focus Coaching


Before LīF I was afraid…

I was stuck in an unfulfilling, draining job but I couldn’t seem to find the answer to what I was supposed to be doing instead. I felt like I was running marathons every day for years trying to find this insight on my own.

Before LīF I was afraid I would never find my purpose, and now I see that I have the tools within me already to do many amazing things, and that it’s okay for that to evolve over time.”

Alyssa Nedley



Sometimes facing the realities of my present situation was hard, but it is harder to try and ignore those things and live unhappily not doing anything about them.

LiF was like a compass. It helped me navigate through the paralysis of choice I faced. I was able to uncover and hone in on the things I needed to be fulfilled, shed light on what stood in my way, and take actionable steps to get there.

The whole process is an invaluable tool that I will depend on for the rest of my life.

Christopher Browning


Thank you!


I often felt guilty and ashamed of myself for not having figured it out already. To cope, I would go find a new challenge. I’d forget about the feelings for a short time as I obsessed over my new hobby, but eventually that would wear off and I’d find myself wondering why the heck I’m in the career I’m in.

Alessandra has been an amazing, supportive, and insightful coach. The LīF coaching process is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but being able to share my work and receive her objective feedback was crucial to the uncovering of many (if not all) of my AH-HA moments.

Life is complicated and unpredictable at times, but it seems somewhat irresponsible not to give myself the best shot at success.

Ali Kennett


I’m living a more authentic life



Before I mostly analyzed my actions in a more shallow way, since LīF I’ve started to explore my self more deep and can already feel that I am starting to live a more authentic life.”

Daniel Lidberg

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