Life can be stressful,
but it shouldn't stress you out!


Worrying all the time, constantly feeling like the worst is yet to come, doubting yourself and feeling helpless…
These are not normal things to feel on a regular basis.

Regardless of how you describe your anxiety, there’s no reason you should have to suffer through it any longer.

Send me an email and let’s talk about how to get you feeling confident and in control.

Stress Management

Life can be stressful, but your stress shouldn’t  be crippling.
Good stress, bad stress the key is to understand how to manage it so it doesn’t take over.

I can help you build confidence, develop real world tools to manage daily stress, and learn how to restore balance and regain control of your life.

Drop me a line and let’s get your stress under control.


In Person

My office is located in the Normal Heights/North Park area of San Diego.

I’m close to the 805, the 8 and the 15, and a stone’s throw away from the 163.

We can meet and chat face to face, in private and comfortable space.


Can’t make it into my office? Live out of San Diego county, but still a California resident?

I’m licensed by the California Board of Psychology so wherever you are in California, we can work together.

I use HIPPA approved video conferencing software and can meet with you online.

Distance and schedules shouldn’t stand in the way of feeling better.


Sometimes you want to try out tools and techniques on your own first.

Whether it’s because your schedule is tight, or because you like to do things yourself, I get it.

Check out my two signature DIY resources – The Roadblocks Workbook and the 4 week Back To Me self-care program.

They’re a great way to get started.

Alessandra Wall, Ph. D.

Create balance and restore control and get back to enjoying life.

You can choose to feel better, to make a change, to put yourself first for once. I can help.


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