Speak Up

In an era of talent scarcity,
attracting and retaining skilled millennial women will be crucial.

Aoife Flood
Senior Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion Programme Office PWC

Nothing kills progress like limiting the sharing of ideas.

No matter what industry you work in, an employee who doesn’t share her ideas, and who can’t openly or clearly communicate her thoughts is an employee who cannot fully contribute to the progress, success or the bottom line of your company.

Women make up roughly 53% of the workforce, but only 4% of CEOs, and 25% of executives. But that’s all about to change, as economic, political and social forecasters predict that women and especially Millennial women (25% of the workforce in 2020) are going to be at the forefront of economic growth, innovation and leadership.

Today’s women want to play an active role in the growth, prosperity and leadership of their companies. Yet study after study tells us that despite a desire to lean in, many still struggle to speak up, share ideas and give feedback confidently. And it’s no wonder; these same studies show that when women do speak-up, they often remain unheard.

A team that doesn’t communicate, is a team that cannot work together. And that means that you are losing priceless talent, productivity and profit because your team members aren’t confident about how to share their thoughts or communicate their needs assertively, and aren’t being heard.


If companies want to retain this generation of super educated, competent and highly driven women, they will need to improve communication skills across the corporate ladder and adapt leadership practices. It’s time we all learn how to speak up, say what we mean, mean what we say and listen to every voice with an open mind and eye towards growth.


It’s time to bridge the gap, one conversation at a time. Speak up for better teams, better solutions, and a better bottom line.


Imagine what your team could achieve if they had the skills to speak up, be heard, hear others out and show up fully.


After attending Speak Up
your employees will:

  • Discover the real cost of not speaking up
  • Learn the key to bridging the communication and gender gap (i.e. what is means to speak up, and listen up)
  • Understand how filters and assumptions kill communication and maintain the gender gap
  • Reveal the 3 filters that hold them back from contributing 100% and stepping up in the workplace
  • Communicate ideas and get feedback from other teams members – even those most different from them – without feeling dismissed, offended or upset.

…is your business doing everything it needs to attract and retain this generation of super bright, talented and driven employees?

Your Questions Answered

Who's your audience?

Speak Up is designed to help women understand how their filters hold their back from performing at their best in the careers, and help men understand why women on their teams often approach collaboration, brainstorming and male dominated work environments differently than they do.


This series can be personalized to your team to best address the roadblocks they are facing in working together. The goal here is to bring your employees together to understand how unconscious and pervasive dynamics and patterns impact their communication and relationships.

d In my capacity of psychologist I’ve spent too much time trapped in rooms – a captive audience – listening to the most boring speakers. I design my speeches to meet the needs, demographics and expectations of my audience.

So whether you’re looking for someone to motivate a room full of Millennial go-getters who are looking for their true north, or teach a group of executives and managers how best to connect with their teams, you can be sure the content will be adapted to the audience.

What is the length of your presentations?

In general my keynote speeches are 30-60 minutes long. I have been known to condense a presentation down to TED lengths and to extend a talk to 90 minutes. I offer both basic presentations,  presentations with workshops or seminars, as well as retreats.

Send me an email and we can talk about your needs and how best to meet them.

What do you charge?

Please email me about your event and your needs to receive a quote. Please note that basic travel and accommodations will be charged.

Send me an email.

Will you travel for an event?

I am more thank happy to travel for your event. I have presented both on the continental US and internationally. Please note that if you are outside of San Diego County and its adjoining areas basic travel and accommodation charges will be charged.

What equipment will you need?

I will have a laptop and/or a jump drive. You’ll need to provide the audio visual equipment including: a projector, a screen, speakers, microphone (lapel preferred) and lighting. For smaller workshops, or if you’d prefer, I can talk without visuals and I’ve got a strong voice, but as with any good story a picture can tell a thousand words.

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