“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ”

George Bernard Shaw

For the first time in history, thanks to our longevity, we are seeing five different generations coming together at work. That many generations in a single place means a clash of perspectives, expectations, priorities, leadership styles and assumptions. No wonder companies are struggling to create cohesive, stable and engaged teams.

In the past the newcomers might have been willing to bend to the the practices and styles of the old guard, that is no more. Millennials are a force to contend with, and when they’re unhappy they leave – at the cost of $30.5B annually, not to mention the losses in innovation, and talent. What happens when your company will have to adapt to Gen Z? How about the generation after that?

Solving the “Millennial problem” isn’t about convincing younger generations to adopt the old ways, or asking older generations to embrace different priorities. It’s about harnessing the best that individual members have to offer to create dynamic, innovative and cohesive teams.

A team that doesn’t communicate, is team that cannot work together. And that means that you are losing priceless talent, productivity and profit simply because your team members aren’t able to bridge the gap and communicate across generational lines.

Let’s bridge the gap one conversation at a time. Build a company where people can speak up, say what, mean what say, and be heard from top to bottom.


Better teams. Better solutions. Better bottom line.


How much more will your team be able to contribute once they have the skills to speak up, be heard, hear others out and show up fully?


After attending Bridge the Gap,
your employees will:


  • Get past the myth of  the so-called “Millennial Problem” and discover the real reason Millennials, Gen X’ers and Boomers are clashing in the workplace… and what to expect from Gen Z.
  • Have their eyes opened to the filters assumptions and beliefs that are killing their ability to work together.
  • Identify the filters that are killing teamwork and sabotaging their efforts to collaborate.
  • Understand how to communicate their needs and hear the ideas and contributions of others on their teams without bias or distortion.

…is your business doing everything it needs to attract and retain this generation of super bright, talented and driven employees?

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What is the length of your presentations?

In general my keynote speeches are 30-60 minutes long. I have been known to condense a presentation down to TED lengths and to extend a talk to 90 minutes. I offer both basic presentations,  presentations with workshops or seminars, as well as retreats.

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Please email me about your event and your needs to receive a quote. Please note that basic travel and accommodations will be charged.

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I am more thank happy to travel for your event. I have presented both on the continental US and internationally. Please note that if you are outside of San Diego County and its adjoining areas basic travel and accommodation charges will be charged.

What equipment will you need?

I will have a laptop and/or a jump drive. You’ll need to provide the audio visual equipment including: a projector, a screen, speakers, microphone (lapel preferred) and lighting. For smaller workshops, or if you’d prefer, I can talk without visuals and I’ve got a strong voice, but as with any good story a picture can tell a thousand words

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