The biggest challenge successful companies face, in this increasingly global and ever diverse marketplace, is attracting and retaining talent.

To hold on to the brightest, most innovative and productive members of your team you will need to create a culture that inspires employees, encourages them to speak up and be heard, and provides real opportunities for growth ² ³.

Women now make up 53% of the workforce, by 2025 Millennials will represent ¾ of the global workforce, and Gen Z is right around the corner… 

…is your business doing everything it needs to attract and retain this generation of super bright, talented and driven employees?

Annual cost of Job Hopping
In the 21st century forward thinking companies will invest in engaging and retaining talent.
Of Millennials
Say they plan to leave their job in the coming year. 21% have changed jobs within the last year.
Improved productivity
Inspired employees are far more productive than simply satisfied ones. An engaged, cohesive team is your company's best asset.
Undergraduate & Master's Degrees
For the first time in history women are more educated than men. Ambitious, smart, driven this is the talent of the 21st century.

Better teams.
Better solutions.
Better bottom line.

Dr. Alessandra Wall is a clinical psychologist, a coach, and an international speaker.

Over the past 15+ years she has helped hundreds of people break through filters, overcome roadblocks, and build thriving personal and professional lives.

She is partnering with forward thinking companies to bridge the gaps that undermine productivity, collaboration, innovation and success.

Your company’s success depends on the talent, effort and participation of your employees. To thrive in the 21st century marketplace you’ll need every member of your team to speak-up, contribute, and be fully engaged in supporting your mission.

"Women and millennials are the biggest disruptors in business.
Twenty years from now, how and when we work will all be because of the business models put in place by this generation. "

Andrea Loubier is the CEO of Mailbird

In an increasingly diverse, multi-generational and ever changing workplace people need to learn how to speak up and hear one another. We need to get past difference and draw on individual strengths to create stronger teams, that can provide better solutions and consistent outcomes.

Dr. Wall’s presentations will have you and your employees re-thinking differences, and understanding what really divides teams and people.

With a focus on how to break through unconscious filters, overcome biases and work together, these talks build a sense of belonging and common value, rather than fostering more us vs. them thinking.

The goal? To bridge the gaps that hold your company and team back from being effective, innovative and fully engaged in fulfilling the mission and the vision of your company.

An engaged team is a better team.

Speaking Topics


Today's women are tomorrow's leaders.

Bridge the Gender Gap


Women today are highly educated, driven and eager to make a difference. But they sometimes struggle to speak-up, be heard and, therefore, to contribute fully …


Dr. Wall brings to light specific filters that hold women back from reaching their true potential in the workplace.


She provides solutions so both women and men can move past these roadblocks, and work together effectively, and collaboratively.


Better communication, means better teams, better solutions, and better bottom line.


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Bridge The Gap

For the first time in history 5 generations are coming together in the workplace...

Not just a “Millennial Problem”


At ± 80M in the US alone, Millennials are a force to contend with. Influential and driven, they’ve disrupted the old ways of doing things, and brought to light differences across generations.


Although it’s been called the ‘Millennial Problem’, it’s short-sighted to label these changes as a single generation’s issue, when they are actually a generational issue.


Dr. Wall will have you rethinking the idea of a ‘Millennial Problem’, and provide a broader, lasting solution to our new multi-generational workscape.


Building better teams, better solutions and a better bottom line.


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Imagine what you could achieve if every single member of your team bought-in to the vision you have for your business, and was fully engaged in creating solutions, and building success for your company.

Your Questions Answered

What is the length of your presentations?

In general my keynote speeches are 30-60 minutes long. I have been known to condense a presentation down to TED lengths and to extend a talk to 90 minutes. I offer both basic presentations,  presentations with workshops or seminars, as well as retreats.

Send me an email and we can talk about your needs and how best to meet them.

What do you charge?

Please email me about your event and your needs to receive a quote. Please note that basic travel and accommodations will be charged.

Send me an email.

Will you travel for an event?

I am more thank happy to travel for your event. I have presented both on the continental US and internationally. Please note that if you are outside of San Diego County and its adjoining areas basic travel and accommodation charges will be charged.

What equipment will you need?

I will have a lap top and/or a jump drive. You’ll need to provide the audio visual equipment including: a projector, a screen, speakers, microphone (lapel preferred) and lighting. For smaller workshops, or if you’d prefer, I can talk without visuals and I’ve got a strong voice, but like with any good story a picture can tell a thousand words.

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