What is your Why?


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It’s time you figure out what drives you to wake up every morning and take on the day.

You deserve not just to be happy – that’s fleeting- but to feel deeply fulfilled by the life you’re living.

The What Is Your Why Workshops is a small group experience designed to help you awaken your drive and define your why.

When you understand what drives you, and why you do the things you do, then you have insight and the focus to make choices that are right for you.

That means no more dragging yourself out of bed on Mondays wondering what the point of it all is. It means being faced with big life decisions and knowing what you need to do. Create clarity and feel centered, because you know who you are and what really matters.

Discover your why and feel alive, engaged, and driven; life can finally feel fascinating again.

I’ll be running both live sessions here in San Diego, and an online series.

ONLINE SERIES: Starts 01/15/18  6 weeks workshop

  • Get weekly emails with tips and tools to complete your assignments.
  • Jump on coaching calls to discuss your progress, get some answers to your questions and share your insights.
  • Come out on the other end with clear definition of why you do what you do, and your own personal Manifesto.
  • 2018 is the year of you!

San Diego Live Workshops: Starts 02/1/18 – 3 wk accelerated course

  • Meet as a small group every Wednesday for 3 weeks
  • Sessions will be held from 5:30PM – 7:30PM
  • Using worksheets, tools and some extra insight from yours truly, we’ll work together to define your why, figure out how to best express your drive, and create your very own personal Manifesto.
  • Create clarity, focus and passion in your life.
  • 2018 is going to be a fascinating year.

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