LīF 1:1 (Individual Coaching)

From: $200.00 / month for 12 months

The LīF Coaching series is a versatile coaching offer designed to help you build goals that are right for you in the manner that best suits your life.

INSIGHT, ROADBLOCKS, ACTION with your very own coach to guide and support just you.

Sign on to 16 weeks of coaching with a single payment or $1852, or break down the cost into either 6 or 12 monthly payments (see options below).



What can I Expect?

LīF 1:1 is an personal coaching program designed to help you understand how to create a thriving life.

You’ll have access to the workbook, method and resources of  LīF + HUB process, with the added benefit of individual coaching sessions in which we’ll focus specifically on you and your needs.

The initial program is four months long with an additional two months of email support. Should you feel you need/want more time together we can always set that up.

When you sign up for LīF 1:1 you’ll be directed to complete an intake so that you can share a bit more personal information that will help us focus our work together. After you complete it, we will schedule our first coaching session to talk about your goals.

You are automatically part of the private LīF Facebook group. So while you wait, why not introduce yourself to your community and check out the extra support.

You’ll also receive a LīF Kit delivered to your door by your friendly mail person within four business days in the continental U.S., and a bit longer for anyone outside the continental United States.

The first Kit you will receive is the INSIGHT LīF Kit. When you get your box, open it up and take a look around. You’ll find all the guides, a workbook and journal plus a little something extra in there.

In addition to the support you’ll get via our private coaching sessions, Facebook interactions and email-feedback sessions, you’ll be signed up to receive tutorial emails. The emails will provide extra advice, tips and support to move you along on your journey.

This is what you will get out of LīF:



What makes you happy?

What are you essential needs?

How do you turn your dreams into real life goals?

If you had a personal manifesto what would it be?

With INSIGHT answers all these questions and more.

Come out knowing who you are, certain of what you need to feel fulfilled and confident that you know exactly what that looks like in real life.



Learn the difference between situational, cognitive and emotional roadblocks.

Get the tools and skills to identify, challenge and overcome your biggest barriers.

Boldly face you fears!

Learn the secrets therapists use to get past roadblocks and move forward with change.

With ROADBLOCKS gain confidence, courage and strength.

Become a warrior, and conquer all your fears to move on to the next level.


What does it take to build a good plan of action?How do you go from a wish to an actual goal?

Learn to break your goals into steps that fit into your life.

Create a strategy that is uniquely suited to your needs and your life.

Stay motivate and change.

With ACTION you finally get what you’ve been looking for; change.

Uncover the strategy that works for you. Create an effective plan and move forward with the life you want to live. 
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Payment Options

12 Monthly Payments, 6 Monthly Payments, One Time Payment


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