Back to Me (ebook)


40% of Americans suffer from some form of anxiety, and the numbers for the rest of the Western world aren’t much different. It’s no wonder. We have made our lives so busy and frantic that we’ve lost the ability to make time for and take care of ourselves. We’re overbooked, over worked, and over stimulated!


What if you could change all that in 4 weeks all for the price of a latte?




What the book is:

A quick but complete guide to four major aspects of life that have huge impact on your wellbeing and quality of life.

A compilation of the best techniques and challenges that clients, patients and Life in Focus followers have used to reclaim their life, focus back on themselves and restore some control in their lives.

A reminder that sometimes the smallest changes can have a huge impact, and collections of small actions you can practice to shift your habits and choices in a direction that works for you.

A fun one month challenge to try something new, and remember that you get to choose what your story looks like.

Grab it today, and choose to put you at the top of your to-do list.


What the book is not:

It’s not a one stop shop to fix all of life’s problems. It is an introduction to some of the bigger areas of life that you can change easily and get a huge reward from.

It’s not a hard and fast prescription for how to live right – only you know what’s right for you, that’s why for each of these areas there are at least 7 different things you can try, to see what works for you and what you actually want to change, if anything at all.

It’s not the holy grail.  I am an expert in stress management, human psychology, change and habits, but I’m not the expert on you. Back to Me provides solid insight about what makes you tick and thrive, and proven steps you can practice to reconnect with yourself and the life you meant to live.

When you learn to pay attention to yourself, and stop dismissing fatigue, lack of motivation, and feeling overwhelmed as normal parts of being a professional woman, then you can start understanding what you need to make choices that are right for you and thrive.

When your choices are right for you,  overbooked and underwhelmed become things of the past, and the life you live is one you look forward to everyday.

Grab your copy of Back to Me TODAY and start reconnecting with what matters.

It’s is just $7.99 


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