TheresaWelcome to Episode 9 of the Life in Focus Podcast, where we talk about what it means to thrive, and the difference between doing what’s right, and doing what’s right for you.

This week we interview Dr. Theresa Larson, founder of Movement Rx, physical therapist, coach, author, speaker and warrior! Theresa has been actively working with athletes, veterans and strong humans to reclaim their bodies, move with health and build the foundations to become “warrior strong.”

What does it mean to be warrior strong? This is one of the things we talk about at length in our interview with Theresa. I will say this much, Theresa presents a definition of strength that goes beyond muscle, beyond our conventional definitions of courage or ability, to include mind, heart and soul. She candidly shares her own story of strength and courage in this episode, and shows us how making a choice that was right for her, to the disregard of her peers and superiors, saved her life and paved the way for her new book Warrior and the movement by the same name.

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Take home:

  • Sometimes courage means you take what seems to be the “easy way out” to end up doing the harder thing.
  • One definition of strength is having indomitable will – what is yours?
  • When you don’t find what you’re looking for in life, build it yourself!
  • Perfectionism can take different forms, and rarely leads to excellence or fulfillment.
  • Want to know if you’re an unhealthy perfectionist? I’ve got a definition for you! Want to know how to chip away at it? Theresa has some tips.
  • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a show of strength. If you need help ask for it, it’s like having a physical injury, get help being healthy!
Strength is about making choices that are right for you and having the courage to stand by those choices, regardless of what others believe. Grab your FREE copy of the Focus Map and learn what those choices need to be for you.

About Dr. Theresa Larson:

Theresa Larson was a Marine Lieutenant commanding an entire platoon in Iraq while internally struggling with an eating disorder. Her courageous journey to wellness required the bravery to ask for help, to take care of herself first, and abandon the idea of “perfect”. She is now the founder of Movement Rx, a physical therapy and wellness company that offers support to wounded warriors and individuals with health and movement issues, and she travels all over the world as a speaker for CrossFit. She is a Lululemon ambassador, and works with nonprofits including Team Red White & Blue,, Resiliency Project, and the National Eating Disorder Association. Theresa hopes that through sharing her story, she will help inspire others to empower themselves, embrace their inner warrior and re-define and acknowledge their strength.


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