Life in Focus Podcast Ep. 5 The Price of Parenthood

In this edition of the Life in Focus Podcast we get to talk with San Diego stay-at-home-dad Erin Eldred-Brown about what it means and what it takes to be a parent.

We get to hear a lot about parenting from moms’ perspectives, are things different with dads?

Take Home:

  • Parenting is not all smiles and loving moments!
  • Loss, grief and complete redesign of ones’ identity are part and parcel with becoming a new parent.
  • Pressure to be a great parent, and the ensuing guilt/shame is part of being a mother, but may be less prevalent among dads.
  • We have not convinced Chris to have children!
  • And more, much more, this is our longest episode so far, but only because the discussion was so engaging!

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