Is it possible to love Mondays?

Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll get up sometime between 6:00 and 6:42 AM.

I’ll go downstairs to prepare a full breakfast (eggs and bacon, +/- something else) and get lunch boxes ready for my boys.

I’ll hound them to get dressed, check their backpacks one last time, then go get myself ready for work. We’ll argue about leaving on time, but they’ll get to their respective schools with plenty of time to spare.

I’ll head to work, see three patients in a row (that’s three hours of uninterrupted focused work), take a 30 minute break, do an hour or two of coaching, take another thirty minute break, see another three people and call it a day.

I’ll drive home around 6:30 PM, be greeted by the boys, the dog and two cats (all needing some kind of attention), prepare dinner, get their bags and clothes ready for the next day, put them to bed, and have maybe an hour and a half to myself before I head go to sleep.

Man I love Mondays!!!!

No seriously, I do.

Is it so hard to believe?

Mondays I get a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in relative peace and quiet; a treat that is near impossible in the preceding 60 hours.

Mondays are an opportunity for me to go to work and do something that makes me feel confident, competent, skilled, valued and of value to others.

And I get to work on my current passion, building and growing Life in Focus Coaching, without guilt or interruption.

Mondays give me a chance to practice and enjoy many of the things that make me feel alive and fulfilled… and that is the key to loving Mondays (or for that matter any other random day of your life).

There’s a lot to be said about pursuing your dreams and living an extraordinary life – I definitely do my fair share of talking about it – but before you go off and take a year long sabbatical to sail around the world, ask yourself this:

Is there a way to feel passionately about your current life?


Yes, you can wake up and look forward to your average day.

Yes, you can feel excited about the things you already do.

Yes, there is way to live a better everyday.

 Here is how:

When you start to understand what makes you tick, when you know without doubt or hesitation what you need to feel fulfilled, then not only do you become aware of the things in you life that are already right for you, but you can start making choices that will inspire you to live a better everyday.

Would you like to build a better everyday?

Join me Wednesday February 15th at 12:15 on Facebook Live. I’ll be sharing a great strategy to identify those essential needs, so that you too can start loving your Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and everyday.

CLICK HERE to add the event to your calendar

All you need to do is:

  • Go to Facebook and follow the Life in Focus page.
  • A few minutes before the session starts, grab a sheet of paper, a pencil, go to the Life in Focus Page, and tune in to the video.
  • Join me during the session: ask questions, let me know what you need.
  • Download the Life in Focus check-list that I’ll be sharing at the end of the session.
  • Practice and THRIVE!


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