Welcome to LīF 1:1 


You have taken the first step to making a real change in your life.
LīF 1:1 combines the best of the Kit with a ton of extra support. To start our work together you and I need to be on the same page about what to expect. You will find a contract to review sign and send me before our first session together.

Remember that in addition to the coaching calls you can also email me with questions and excerpts from your workbook to review and help you with.

The LīF HUB is a great place to check out. There you will find tutorials to help you through the LīF workbooks (in a course) as well as extra resources, and a forum where you can meet other LīFers who like you are working on building a kickass life. You can also get support and  and share your knowledge, insight and questions with the group.

As a LīF 1:1 member, you have a life long membership to the HUB and will be able to enjoy current but also future resources and opportunities.

You’ll want to sign up to LīF mailing list so you can get updates and announcements about office hours and extra learning opportunities. Click the button below, follow the directions and you’ll be set!

LīF is a process:

Tips to make the most of your LīF work:
  • Set time aside to work on it, don’t try to squeeze it in when you have a minute.
  • Be thorough – this is not a “get-through-this-as-fast-as-I-can” workbook. It is the foundation of your journey, so respect the process and dig deep.
  • Think big and dream big! I want you to shoot for the stars, this is the first part of the insight piece and I don’t want you holding back on your dreams.
  • Don’t sweat it. Sometimes people come to our first session feeling that they weren’t able to answer every questions properly. That is why we get together, and it is part of what I bring to the game.

Getting started:

Check out and complete these forms:
  • If you are unsure of the difference between coaching and therapy click this link and scroll down the page. It’s all explained in the “about” section.
    Coaching is not Therapy 

Before we meet:

A few things to consider before our first session
  • You get a total of eight live coaching session and unlimited email feedback with the initial LīF 1:1 package, but you can always add on extra session if you need to.
  • To schedule a coaching call you can either click the button here or you will find a green CALENDLY button at the bottom of all your mailers (right next to the Facebook icon).
  • Coaching calls can last for 30-60 minutes depending on your needs so plan for that.
  • Before the first call please send me an email (alessandra@lifeinfocussd.com) with some useful information:
    • Why are you choosing to work with a coach
    • Some background on your current life
    • Things that are going well right now and things that you want to focus on in sessions.
    • What you hope to get out of the LīF process
  • Prior to all subsequent sessions:
    • A list of issues or questions you want to focus on
    • An update of where you are in the LīF process

I really am looking forward to working together, let’s build a life that is right for you!


Alessandra Wall, Ph.D.

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