What is In Her Shoes?  In Her Shoes is a global project giving any woman in the world a chance to tell her story without having her experience distorted by the lens of an outside narrator. Read through these posts and step in the shoes of women far and wide, some who will be like you and others who will be so very different.

Whose shoes am I stepping into? ANY HUMAN BEING WHO SELF IDENTIFIES AS A WOMAN. Cis, non-cis, trans, straight, gay, pluralistic, spiritual or not, ordinary, infamous and famous… these are the shoes of real women leading real lives.

Can I join? YES, if you self-identify as a woman you’re invited to join the project. Click on one of the many pop-ups (or RIGHT HERE) and tell us in your words and your native language what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

In Her Shoes: Holly

You can find these shoes in… Hartland, WI, USA . They belong to… I turned 41 on March 4th of this year. I’m a single mom of two teenagers. I’ve been divorced for about 15 years and [...]

In Her Shoes: CT

You can find these shoes in… Spring, Texas, U.S.A They belong to… I am 42 years old. I was born and live in Texas, United States of America. I am married. I am in my first marriage, which [...]

In Her Shoes: Becky

You can find these shoes in… Warren, OH, USA They belong to… I’m a soon to be 34 year old American woman, who is the director of marketing at a mid size construction company. I also own my own [...]

In Her Shoes: Robbi

You can find these shoes in… Airdrie They belong to… 27, Canada, Residential Youth Worker, living with boyfriend. What it’s like to walk in her shoes for a day… I wake up and think about all I [...]

In Her Shoes: Jessica Rider

You can find these shoes in… St. Louis, MO . They belong to… I am a 33 year old married female with no children. I have been in business for 12 years in many different industries and have decided [...]

In Her Shoes: Megan

You can find these shoes in… St. Paul, MN I They belong to… I was born in Brussels in 1982. I was a surprise – my mom had her tubes tied and found herself pregnant at 38 overseas. We moved [...]

In Her Shoes: SR

You can find these shoes in… Washington D.C., USA “They are my favorite shoes because they are, like myself, versatile and flexible. They are simple but classy, easily go from day to night, [...]

In Her Shoes: HG

You can find these shoes in… Edmonton, Alberta, Canada . They belong to… HG, a 35 year old Canadian, radiation therapist and university faculty, married with a 10-month-old baby and a rescue dog, [...]

In her Shoes: MW

You can find these shoes in… Springfield, Michigan, United States b They belong to… I am 35 years old, born in Wichita, KS USA. I’m a Social Media Marketing Manager that works from home, [...]

In her Shoes: EJ

You can find these shoes in… Arizona, United States b They belong to… “I am 34, a mother to two wonderful girls and wife to a hard-working physician. I recently completed my doctorate in [...]

In her Shoes: JO

You can find these shoes in… Chicago, IL, USA B They belong to… A 36-year-old- San Diegan who moved to Chicago six years ago for a job offer. An archivist at a non-profit organization by day, she [...]

In Her Shoes: AN

You can find these shoes in… Encinitas, CA, USA . They belong to… “45 year old, Southern California girl. Personal Assistant to a Family Business Owner, married, no children” . What [...]


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