You can find these shoes in…

St. Paul, MN


They belong to…

I was born in Brussels in 1982. I was a surprise – my mom had her tubes tied and found herself pregnant at 38 overseas. We moved to Minnesota for my dad’s job at 3M in 1984. My brother is 13 years older and my sister is 11 years older.

I went to a public school in a northern suburb of the twin cities. I was a good student and participated in 4H. My parents were not active in our school community and we didn’t attend church. However, from an early age I had a sense of spirituality. My mom grew up Quaker and my dad grew up Catholic. I played golf with them on the weekends and watched a lot of tv after school.

I started drinking in High School and experimenting with pushing limits. I had 3 close girlfriends and a boyfriend from a Catholic High School in St. Paul. We partied every chance we got. I smoked cigarettes daily and drank whenever I could. Smoking pot was a weekend ritual.

I attended a small private college in St. Paul. My first 2 years were full of blackouts, embarrassing situations and very little care for academics. I gained weight, lost friends, made bad choices and had professors and staff concerned.

July 27, 2004 was a big day for me. The first day I admitted to myself and others I needed help. I checked in to a 28 day program at Hazelden and began my life in recovery from alcohol and drugs. Today, I have 14 years of continuous sobriety.

I met my husband 12 years ago in the vibrant community of young people in sobriety here in the Twin Cities. I teach yoga and lead a weekly class at my gym. We have 2 children and 2 cats and live on the West Side of St. Paul.


What it’s like to walk in her shoes for a day…

Most mornings I wake at 4:50 am and hit the gym. Our gym, Timberwolf CrossFit, is our home away from home. I start the day working out with an awesome community of people. I do stuff I never would have thought I was capable of.

I’m a SAHM. I drive my children to and from school. I pick up the house, do laundry, and keep the house running as smooth as possible. I pray, read, and try to volunteer at my kids’ schools and programs. I’m not perfect. I yell at my kids when they annoy the shit out of me. I try to make it right by taking ownership and let them know I’m sorry.

My husband cooks dinner after work and we hang out. I’m the parent that puts the kids down always and after that I unwind by sitting on the couch with my husband. We watch shows, scroll on our phones and talk.


Growing up in her shoes she was…

Be polite, smile and kind! I actually am ok with those expectations and hope my daughter meets them and kicks major ass at the same time.


Her biggest challenges day-to-day…

Social Media is a powerful force that bombards women with a lot of imagery of what women should be, act, look like. There’s a lot of pressure for women to be all that and so much more. I always feel inferior being a SAHM and not having a career. I have 2 degrees that I don’t use, but feel silly sharing that as well, like I’m trying to prove something.


What are the advantages of being a woman in the 21st Century?

Strength in numbers. I’m empowered by the strong women around me! I feel so grateful for that.


Flashbulb memories (s) or what it’s really like to walk in her shoes…

I got a tattoo when I was a year sober. I thought it was my 12 step group’s symbol. It turned out to be the symbol of another 12 step group. Embarrassing for a while and then a good laugh – very much my life.


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How about YOUR shoes?

“This is Megan’s story, it is unique, it is hers and it tells you something about being a woman in the 21st century.

If you identify as a woman, your story is just as important. CLICK HERE to get the questions and be part of our story, history and Her-story.”

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