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I am 42 years old. I was born and live in Texas, United States of America. I am married. I am in my first marriage, which occurred when I was 37 years old. I inherited a 15 year old step-daughter upon getting married, who lived with her mother; she is now almost 20 years old. I do not have any children of my own, by choice. I have the sweetest fur-baby French Bulldog, Zoey, who we rescued about 1.5 years ago. I am the oldest of four children, in a “blended family”. I have a 1/2 brother who is 6 years younger than me, who grew up mostly with his Dad after the age of 6 and me with mine after the age of 12. I have two adopted siblings, who are full-blooded brother and sister, who are 10 and 11 years younger than I am. I am also an Aunt of two, one niece and one nephew. I am a believer in Jesus Christ the one and only Savior, the Son of the one and only God.

What it’s like to walk in her shoes for a day…

The average day in my life looks like….My alarm goes off at 6:00a. I take my thyroid medicine before I even get out of bed, so it can get absorbed before I drink coffee (caffeine can prevent absorption of thyroid medicines). My little frenchie Zoey greets me and my husband good morning with kisses and love. I get up, go to the bathroom and perform all the hygiene activities. I update my Oura Ring AP to check my overnight data. I turn on my iPad to watch something while I’m “getting dressed”, like the Great British Baking Show or something of the like….nothing I need to pay too much attention to. I apply whatever make-up I decide to do that particular morning. I do something with my hair, pin it out of my face or pull it back into a low ponytail or bun. I then check my weather AP to see what kind of bipolar weather Texas is giving me that day, so I know what to wear. My office doesn’t have a dress code and I’m a casual kind of gal, so I’m typically throwing on jeans, a top of some sort, and slip-on running shoes (even though I don’t run). I put on my wedding ring and head to the other room….where my coffee is. As I walk through my living room, the TV is on the news, my husband is on the couch sipping coffee and usually playing with Zoey. Or he is watching weird videos on social media, which Zoey is playing with her “babies” aka: squeaky toys. I go to the kitchen and make my healthy coffee concoction of organic Peruvian coffee with medicinal mushroom blend from Four Sigmatic, collagen peptides, and heavy cream. I usually have a to-go coffee and whatever is left in the pot I put in a mug and drink in the car on the way to work. As I’m gathering my things to head out the door, my husband and little dog go start my vehicle, to get it warmed up. Then come back in and get me and walk me out to my vehicle, we say our goodbyes and they both stand on the rug by the laundry room door until I pull out into the street to head to work. I usually leave the house pretty early, I like to get to the office between 7a – 7:30a, it takes me about 30 minutes’ drive to get to the office on surface streets with school zones and stop lights. I call my sister every morning and we talk to each other on our both of our commutes to work. We’ve been doing this for quite a while now and it is a highlight of my mornings. When I arrive at the office I am greeted by the nicest security man, Skip, and I walk the 10 minutes to my desk, because my office building is large. I get to my desk, say bye to my sister and get my computer up and running. Then I pour my coffee into a mug, turn on my mug warmer and The Briefing podcast by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. that I listen to while I sift through the emails that I received overnight. If for some reason I do not talk with my sister, I listen to this podcast in the car on the way to the office. By the time I execute all my initial emails in the morning and drink my coffee, it is usually just before 9:00a and time to go to the restroom and grab breakfast. We have the friendliest man on the morning grill in my office cafeteria. We chat it up while he makes me sautéed spinach, an over-medium egg (cause who wants runny whites? No one.), and bacon. I normally eat breakfast at my desk, either answering emails, listening to a podcast, or watching a YouTube video. Sometimes I sit with a good friend of mine and eat breakfast and chat… that she is working at the same company as me. I then spend the rest of my morning working. Then I break mid-morning for a 30 minute walk, sometimes with my friend. If she is with me, we talk the whole time…if she isn’t then I listen to a podcast while I walk. I typically eat lunch at my desk since I take two 30 minutes walks each day. This practice gets me up off my butt, gets my blood flowing, gets me “movement” and is a tremendous mental stress reliever during the day. I work the rest of the afternoon and take my 30 minute walk break. The end of my work day is somewhere around 4:15p – 4:30p, sometimes it goes later, but not usually. After work I either go to the chiropractor’s office, the gym, or home depending on the day and what all my husband has going on, as someone needs to be home to feed and walk Zoey by 5:00p. My husband works for himself, so he is able to flex his schedule to accommodate Zoey a lot of the times. I head home, greet my husband and my little dog….get settled in, catch-up with daily stuff with the hubs, and unwind for a bit watching TV shows. I may or may not eat something…Cocktail? Snacks? Real food dinner? Who knows these days, I’ve basically stopped cooking at this point unless it is a weekend when I have the time, energy, and mental capacity to do so. Mid-evening I take a shower and put on my pjs. I chill in the bed with the dog until my husband is out of the shower. We will hangout and watch another TV show in the bed. Then take the little dog out for the last time for the night. We turn on three fans: 1) white noise and air filter 2) ceiling fan and 3) one by my side of the bed to keep me cool at night. Little dog settles next to me and we get to sleeping. Occasionally, I wake-up in the middle of the night with digestive distress and will have to go into the other room for an hour or more until I’m feeling better, then I go back to bed for the rest of the night and hope that I’m rested enough to function at work the next day. And then…..God willing….I wake-up the next day when my alarm goes off at 6:00am.

Growing up in her shoes she was…

The expectations placed on me growing up were pretty minimal and basic: behave myself, do what I’m told, pass my classes, do the right thing, and take responsibility for myself and my choices.

Her biggest challenges day-to-day…

I’m not sure if I’m so accustomed to the way things are that it takes a lot for me to notice “challenges I face as a women” or what….but I can say this….I do not live my life in a victim mentality. Is misogyny alive and well in America? Yes 100%. Is sexism alive and well in America? Yes, 100%. Does it irritate me to my wits’ end? Yes, 100%. Is that the world we currently live in? Yes, 100%. All I can do is stand-up for myself (and others) and demand the respect and treatment I deserve. And challenge others to do better.

What are the advantages of being a woman in the 21st Century?

I’d really like to read how other women answer this question. Is there advantages to being a woman in the 21st century? As a standalone question, I’m sure there is a good answer to this question. What some would consider an advantage others would probably consider a hindrance. I’m sure the word feminism will come up as a big part of the answer to this question. While I do think that women should have the same freedoms and human rights as men do, I also believe that men and women were created differently for a reason. We are not designed to be the same, we bring different things to the table. Women are not less than men, but we are different than men and that is a good thing. Why a women would want to be like a man is beyond me, when they get to be the splendid, unique, powerful, emotionally and intellectually advanced creature that women are. If you want to talk practicality, then yes there are advantages to being a woman in the 21st century vs another other time in the history of the world. While some countries are still struggling through what America came through many decades ago, overall I’d argue that women are living better lives now than ever before.

Flashbulb memories (s) or what it’s really like to walk in her shoes…

There is no one memory or story that I can share that would capture what my life is like. My life (myself) has changed and evolved so much over my lifetime. Trying to share one memory or story to attempt to encapsulate my life would do my life as a whole a disservice.

Things you should know if you’re going to walk in her shoes…

This is a broad question to answer….”people”….I have no desire for “people” to understand what it is like being me in the 21st century. Honestly, being an American, white, middle-class, middle-aged, average woman isn’t something that I think that the masses of people would be interested in knowing about. There isn’t anything particularly intriguing about being me. I do think that I’d like for those who have met me, think they know me, people who are in my life to know that I am always evolving and learning and that they shouldn’t put me in a box or put their expectations on to me. It is difficult being a woman in the 21st century though, seems all the once defined lines are now very muddled, society has placed on women the expectations that we are to go to college and get a degree, have a flourishing and thriving career, bring home the bacon, obtain a husband while we carry, birth, and raise our children…all while cooking breakfast every morning and dinner every night, doing laundry, managing the budget, having fantastic sex, having time to wash our hair and shave our legs, all while looking like Jennifer Aniston or Salma Hayek. At this point I’m seriously not sure that the result of the feminist movement has workout out to our advantage.

Anything else we should know?

I feel quite fortunate to have been born and live in the days that I do. Life for me, as a women, could have been so much more difficult in earlier times in history. Perhaps simpler, but likely more difficult. God doesn’t make mistakes folks. He knew who you were before you did, He knew you’d be born a woman, and He knew when in time you’d be born. Every day that you wake up, know that it is not a mistake that you woke up. Know that it is not a mistake that you live when and where you do. Get up, thank God, and move through every day intentional to share the women only you are and only you can be.

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How about YOUR shoes?

“This is CT’s story, it is unique, it is hers and it tells you something about being a woman in the 21st century.

If you identify as a woman, your story is just as important. CLICK HERE to get the questions and be part of our story, history and Her-story.”

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