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Warren, OH, USA

They belong to…

I’m a soon to be 34 year old American woman, who is the director of marketing at a mid size construction company. I also own my own side hustle – digital marketing and graphic design. I took a chance on Bumble and have been seeing someone since the end of last year, so I guess you could say I’m in a relationship? I’ve been a tomboy all of my life, but I’ll jump at the chance to throw on a dress, some high heels and make up. I don’t have any children, nor am I planning on having any. There are very few things that I feel deep in my soul, and not being a mom is one of them. And I’m completely ok with that. I’ll be the cool aunt who swears too much and lets them drink underage. And on that topic, I have a mouth like a sailor. Because sometimes darn it and shoot don’t cover the amount of emotion I’m trying to convey. I don’t feel very lady-like a majority of the time because I’ve always gravitated towards sports. I’m also not petite. I’m 5’9”. I love to work out, but I also like to eat and drink craft beer. Most of my friends are 5’5” so I feel like a giant most days. Sometimes I feel out of place, but I’m learning not to let that bother me. What people think of me is none of my business. I don’t sit still very well either. I have a lot of interests – snowboarding, wakeboarding, golf, competitive shooting, CrossFit. I travel quite a bit doing all of these things (especially snowboarding) and I don’t believe in half-assing anything.

What it’s like to walk in her shoes for a day…

A normal day for me starts at 4:30 when I get up and head to the gym to work out. Then it’s off to work at the construction company where I handle all of the marketing. All. Of. It. I’m a one woman show. After work, it’s usually taking care of tasks around the house, or I’m working on my side hustle projects. I’m usually in bed before 9 because 4:30 is really early and I don’t function well on very little sleep.

Growing up in her shoes she was…

I don’t really remember having any expectations placed on me other than being respectful to others and being a good person in general. My parents let me discover what I liked and didn’t like and accepted whatever decision I made. They love me and are proud of me.

Her biggest challenges day-to-day…

Because I work in a very male-dominate industry, one of my biggest challenges is getting people to see my value. I feel like some of my co workers view me as “the marketing girl” and the only thing I’m useful for is ordering t-shirts. So I’ve branched out beyond my normal marketing tasks to prove my value to others.

What are the advantages of being a woman in the 21st Century?

There are so many opportunities for woman then there were 20 years ago. And the role models that we have now are breaking down barriers and showing exactly what we are capable of. I think that we’re also starting to show and to prove that women don’t have to fit into this box or mold or persona that society has created. We don’t have to fit into that little box and still feel like we are women. I think the definition of what it means to be a woman has evolved into so much more.

Flashbulb memories (s) or what it’s really like to walk in her shoes…

When I was 10, the TV show Xena Warrior Princess aired. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. That series showed me that it was ok to be a strong woman. I wanted to be a total badass like Xena. (I still do actually). But it was that show and the shows that followed that had strong female leads, that told me you can still be a woman and kick some ass.

Things you should know if you’re going to walk in her shoes…

One thing I want people to understand about me is that I’m confident and insecure all at once. I project this exterior of confidence, but my closest friends know my insecurities.

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How about YOUR shoes?

“This is Becky’s story, it is unique, it is hers and it tells you something about being a woman in the 21st century.

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