March 20th has been declared International Day of Happiness by the United Nations Foundation. Silly, possibly, but does it really hurt to take a moment to think about what makes you and others happy? No! So in honor of that day here is a short picture diary of things that make me happy.
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Letting the right people into your life 

 The right drink at the right time:

 A cold cider on a hot day...
A hot coffee any day   IMG_0767

Setting a goal, & reaching it!

Feeling agile 

Or feeling strong

Life’s little pleasures

​Surprising things in surprising place
This guy!
  This kid

The little things…

A great sunset
​A good hair day

And bigger things too.

Friends who have your back
This attitude...

The things and people who shape us

Family and the proximity of those I love and who love me

Just because life never slows down, doesn’t mean you can’t

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