Life in Focus Podcast - Episode 53Welcome to Part 5 of “A Glimpse of LīF” – Life in Focus’ first mini-series.


Every week “A Glimpse of LīF” shares the story of a real person, and guides you through the journey they  took to create changes that were right for them.

Listen to the episode for the sake of the story, or embark on your own journey. At the end of the show, I will share a strategy and an assignment to help you create and reach a goal of your own.

This week’s episode: “Beyond Behavior” takes a look at major roadblocks to change, and has you rethinking what you ‘should’ be focusing on if you want to reach a new goal or change and existing habit. Hint, your greatest obstacles are not the ones you can see, but the ones you hear. Listen and find out more about the most common roadblocks out there and how to change them immediately.


Remember to listen to the end to hear this week’s assignment, and don’t miss an episode – subscribe to the podcast and get a reminder in your inbox every week.

In this week’s episode we talk about an extended list of thinking patterns that hold us back from thriving. Grab your full list here.

Sometimes your own thoughts are your worst

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