Life in Focus Podcast - Ep 16 2Welcome to Episode 16 of Life in Focus! Meet the Doc, Doctor Kirk Parsley. The Doc is a former navy seal, entrepreneur, physician and a functional health specialist. Best known for his work on sleep, he is a staunch advocate for the importance of proper rest, recovery and SLEEP in military and first responder fields. Actually, Doc will tell you why sleep and stress mitigation are necessary for everyone, from adults to small children.  Look him up on any search engine and you will find page after page of interviews, articles and a great TedX Reno talk on sleep.

Clearly that topic didn’t need to be revisited here. Instead, Doc and I did discussed resilience, what it takes to overcome adversity as a former serviceman, why everyone needs to be challenged in order to grow and how our current societal and educational models lead us to accept less than we can achieve.

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Take home:
    • The executive centers of our brains continue to evolve through our early 20’s. What we do, what we engage in during that period of life has a direct influence on how we problem solve. Consider that with regards to the kids who enter the military straight out of school…
    • What is resilience? How much is tied to nature vs. nurture? Does is require adversity to develop?
    • Seal Ethos: “You can do anything as long as you are willing to pay the price.”
    • “Thriving is reaching for whatever you’re passionate about, regardless of how many obstacles stand in your way.”
    • “When most people aren’t really living their passions or living their dreams, it’s 100% fear based.”


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About Kirk Parsley:

Doc’s story is a great one, it merits being told in its entirety, and honestly he does a far better job than I could in this department. Learn more about him right here.

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