Life in Focus Podcast Episode 1: Stress

Meet the crew:

Psychologist and Life Coach Alessandra Wall and millennial, creative and co-host Chris Browning get together and share their thoughts on what it means to thrive and the difference between right and right for you. From stress, to health, zombies to parenting no topic is off topic.

These podcasts feature both interviews and topic driven shows that aim to provide a vision of life as it can be – through the eyes and the lens of those who are already living a great story as well as those who are still trying to find what right for you looks like in their lives.

Episode 1 of LiF jumps starts us off with the ever present, often ignored and rarely properly addressed, stress.
Chris and I explain why it happens, why avoidance and distraction are awful longterm solutions to life’s inconveniences and hurdles,  and what to do with it.


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Take home:

  • Stress is good!
  • Deep breathing is the cheapest, most available and effective way to manage your physical stress.
  • To manage stress on a daily basis take the 5 step approach:
    Check in, breathe, assess, address and plan for future problem solving!
  • Avoidance is the primary way many people handle stress, but it is the adult equivalent of jumping into bed to keep from being eaten by the monster that hides beneath it.
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