Ep 48 Life in Focus Podcast - Dare to be InspiredHave you ever come across a book, a quote, a movie, or a real person that inspired you to make a real change in your life? I have!

In this week’s episode of Life in Focus I talk about the book that got me thinking about happiness, life, and Life in Focus coaching.

I also talk about what it takes to be inspired, and how inspiration can motivate any one of us to move mountains if we are open and insightful enough to use that incredible feeling of awe.

My summer reading – ‘Happier at Home‘ by Gretchen Rubin – has reminded me how powerful it can be to inspire others, or be inspired by others to do great things.

I want to inspire you to make a change, so starting next week I’ll be airing a nine-part mini series. “A Glimpse of LīF” (pronounced life) will walk you through a short version of the LīF coaching process.


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How “A Glimpse of Life” works

Listen to episodes every week to learn how to identify goals that are right for you, bust through your typical roadblocks, and create a plan of action that will actually get you where you want to be.

Each episode will cover a topic that relates to the LīF Coaching Series, and end with a short assignment for you to work on.

Set aside 30 minutes every week to ponder and complete your assignment, and sow the seeds of change.

Your pre-series homework:
Identify one area of your life that you would like to see change. That’s what you will work on for the duration of the series.


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