ep 45Whose’ life are you living? Are the choices you make yours or are they influenced by the values and desires of others?

We are all influenced by the people in our lives. Sometimes the influence we get is sought out, and other times it is subtly internalized. Some influences we want and others we would rather rid ourselves of. Even the most independent person has elements of their life that are determined by the influence of others (our parents being the very first group of people to imprint their values and ways on us).

Today’s episode talks about recognizing the power of influence, especially as it relates to our professional choices (although everything that I discuss in Episode 45 can be applied to any area of life).

Do you know whose influence is being exerted on you? Is it helping you thrive or holding you back? How do you go about finding it out and making a change. These are things that I discuss in this week’s podcast of Life in Focus.

[bctt tweet=”It’s hard to decline the unwanted influence others have on you, but far harder to live someone else’s idea of what your life should be. #drwallsays #truth” username=”lifenfocus”]

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