Episode 41 Listen Up! There's only one expert who holds all the answers.Have you ever sough out the advice of a professionals who seem to have ‘it’ figured out, all in the hopes of building a life/career/body/mind that is strong, successful, right for you? Me too, but what if I told you that there is one expert whose advice you have been ignoring, that that this expert is THE MOST IMPORTANT person you should be listening to?

Too often we seek out the advice of others, but fail to listen to ourselves. It’s unfortunate, because no expert out there knows more about what you need, crave or want than you do.

In episode 41 of Life in Focus I outline three signals that you are likely ignoring. Attending to these signals is critical to living a better and more authentic life.

I explore why we are so bad at paying attention to these cues, and talk about a few ways to get back in touch with yourself, listen up and act on the expert knowledge you hold.

This episode is about putting you back in control and reminding you that only you possess the keys to right for you.

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  • Emotions are simply signals telling you what you need. I decipher the major ones in this episode for you.
  • There are four main reasons we struggle to listen to ourselves: 1) There is too much external noise, 2) we prefer distraction to distress, 3) we’re not entirely sure how to translate what we hear, and 4) we fear taking the path less travelled.
  • To listen up you first need to create space to hear yourself – try practicing the Art of Doing Nothing or the 5 Step Check – In to create that space.
  • Post on Stress 101 to get the 5 step Check-In.
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