ep40Episode 40 of Life in Focus is all about taking chances and living up to your growing potential. Dean is someone who has reinvented himself countless times, often successfully, and always by challenging himself to tap into his current strengths and interests.

One of the big takes homes from this interview is that our potential to grow into anything we want to be is there. It requires efforts and guts, but behaviors can be learned, and therefore change is possible. Dean also makes this great point that often we are far more willing to suffer than we are to face the uncertainty of change… Do you recognize yourself in this?

Trying to make a change? Feeling stuck? Are you sure it is easier to stay stuck and unhappy than it would be to change? This episode has some really great ideas and tips on how to transform yourself and make it work for you.




  • “Behavior is malleable. There is absolutely no behavior that we can’t adopt if we don’t want to.”
  • Here is Brock’s interview, if you are looking to make a change and wonder if it is possible, you need to listen to this episode.
  • Part of the reason why change may be so difficult is that we are never really taught how to change.
  • We are taught that you either have a skill set or you don’t and it stops there! That is not true folks. There are things you are better at than others, but skills can be learned.
  • “It is easier to suffer than to change.” Fear can manifest in so many ways, some time we need others to help up see what we cannot face.
  • There are only a few behaviors that drive any change – Dean gives a great weight-loss example from someone he interviewed.
  • It’s not that we don’t know what to do, we don’t know HOW to do it!


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More on Dean:

Dean DwyerWe could all use more Dean, unfortunately for us, Dean is revamping his website right now. What I can say about him is that this former teacher, gone author, podcaster, entrepreneur and speaker is a master of change, transformation, and systems.

Dean is someone who is passionate about pursuing right for him and understanding how he can use his own success to help others. He doesn’t believe in prescriptions, he doesn’t buy into adding to the noise; Dean Dwyer wants to teach us how to use the information that is already out there to make the changes we want to make.

He is funny, smart and best of all embodies one of my core tenets, he says what he means and means what he says – Dean speaks in truth – and we could use more people like him.

Find him:
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