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This week we talk about our current tendency to treat symptoms rather than addressing the larger problems in our lives.

This modern method of handling stress is really at the crux of our sense of discontent and helplessness today. Are you part of the multitude who treat the symptoms of their discontent rather than handling to root issues? Listen to find out!

Take Home:

  • People try to manage stress the wrong way, we drink coffee, grab happy hour drinks, spend endless hours in front of screens in an attempt to sooth ourselves, but we do nothing about changing the triggers.
  • Happiness is transient, don’t expect to be happy all the time.
  • Want to figure out what the “problem” really is – work backwards from your quick fix, to the symptom, the symptom to the trigger.
  • It’s worth your time to practice being distressed and bored and unhappy. These are normal parts of life and if you can’t handle them you’re in for a world of pain.
  • Learn to delay gratification!
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