I credit Tara Gentile with saving me at least a year in business development. She could probably save me more if I actually sat down, revisited our work together and applied myself to putting all her wisdom into action (I have a plan to use this summer to do just that).

Tara is a business strategist. This is not a title or role she started with professionally. Rather it is one she developed when, faced by a disappointment at work, she decided to make her career choices right for her. Tara is someone who thinks big, who dreams big, and this has helped her go from being manager at Borders to the founder of one of the more on-point and inspiring business strategy and development firms I know (as well as a speaker, author, podcaster and much, much more).

One of the reason I feel so strongly about what Tara does is that her approach to business development is very much in line with how I approach personal development. We both believe that understanding who you are and what you value should drive all your choices. We also agree that insight alone, without action, is meaningless.

In Episode 36 of Life in Focus, Tara and I talk about dreaming big, the limitations of just following your passion, and why insight coupled with a sound strategy is the key to success both in business and life.



  • Being successful in business requires an ambitious attitude and a long-term appreciation of what it takes to create your dream.
  • Whether in business or life, understanding who you are can then drive choices that will allow you to THRIVE!!!
  • Who you are, what you value and who you want to work “should” define your business model.
  • Four main questions to ask for strategic focus:
    • Who do you want to create for?
    • What do you want to create?
    • How do you want to connect with people?
    • What kind of response do you want to get from these people?
  • “[People] crave ownership, they crave agency and they crave creativity.”
  • Tara’s advice on taking action:
    • Set a goal, and figure out who you are going to get there instead of having a larger plan then setting a goal
    • Plan for more than what you want so that you do more than what you want to do – think BIG
    • Set action standards for yourself every single week!


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More on Tara:

taraTara is a business woman, an entrepreneur, a go-getter, a visionary, an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker and teacher.  This is what she does:

“Every day, you add more marketing tactics, product ideas, and goals to your notebook. You’re distracted from your purpose and drained by all the options. All the while, your big idea—that thing you really want to be working on–is waiting. And the more you lose yourself and your idea in the weeds, the more likely you are to fail.

The good news is that there’s a better way to run your business: yours. Your Quiet Power Strategy™ taps into your strengths and gives you the ability to lead yourself where you want to go. It’s a plan for What You Want to Create and How You Want to Connect–and how that’s going to lead to the business growth that brings you the income, influence, and impact you crave.

I’m Tara Gentile and I work with entrepreneurs to design their personal Quiet Power Strategy. I combine intense focus with uncompromising vision and strategy and teach others to do the same.”


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