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We all have that room, drawer, or desk that just seems to accumulate clutter. No matter how often we clear it up, somehow things always seem to end up cluttering it; enter the Declutter Dude, Lars Thurfjell. Lars took what could have been a devastating situation – the loss of his tech industry job – and turned it into an opportunity – the creation of his own, now thriving decluttering and home organization business.

In episode 28 of Life in Focus Chris and I talk to Lars about his leap of faith and the chance he took in pursuing something that was meaningful to him, but has little to no relation to his former professional career. Lars shares his story, the journey from tech industry to becoming that guy who comes into your home and your life to create clarity, space, and order. Although he focuses on decluttering your physical space, Lars will be the first to tell you that creating order in your environment creates huge shifts in your mental and emotional well being.

Take Home:

  • We are profoundly impacted by our environment. Your physical space can be a reflection of your mental space. Clean out that cluttered garage, attic, room, drawer, or desk and you might just find peace of mind was buried under the clutter.
  • “People know that there is stuff they want to accomplish in life, and all this stuff they accumulate is just a ROADBLOCK to that.”
  • Decluttering is both a curative process and a palliative one – in other words you can clean out what you’ve over accumulated or you can practice not bringing new clutter into your home.
  • When you think about decluttering, consider physical spaces, but also virtual and mental spaces. If your attic feel overwhelming, how about cleaning out your inbox?
  • What social pressures act on you to create mental and emotional clutter?


We have featured Lars twice before in the this post and this second one written to satisfy the huge response we got the first post.


More on Lars:

Lars2Meet Lars Thurfjell! Originally from Sweden, Lars moved to the U.S. at the age of five, after a short stint in Brazil. He grew up in the Bay area and spent the last 15 years of his life working in the high technology industry, mostly in sales.  Being in Silicon Valley, Lars lived through the exciting dot-com rise, and precipitous fall, seeing fortunes squandered combined with overworked lives in the rush to gain.

He eventually moved away from the tech industry and founded his own business (Declutter Dude), in a true Life in Focus moment. Declutter Dude is the result of Lars applying the principles in his own life to minimize possessions, and eventually shifting priorities from making as much money as possible, to living as simply as possible.

Lars works with people in their homes to begin decluttering, eliminate the overwhelm of  “where to start”, while making it fun and non-judgmental experience so they can live in a home that brings them peace and calm.

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