Ahhhhh happiness… we all seem to want more of it, and we’re in luck, because everywhere you look, someone seems to be selling it.
The thing with happiness is that it’s something only you can create for yourself. All those mushy inspirational meme are onto something. Lucky for you, my guest on episode 27 of Life in Focus is Dr. Brian King. Clinical psychologist, comedian, and author of the upcoming book The Laughter Cure. Dr. Brian is an expert in all things humor and happiness.

In this episode we talked about the health benefits of laughter – it’s a real thing with some hard science to back it up. We discussed what goes into creating a happier or more humorous outlook on life. Dr. Brian gives us some basic tips for improving a positive state of mind and shares some of his favorite comedians with us; its like a library of funny for you to pull from.

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Take Home:

  • There are real health benefits from laughter. The #1 benefit is stress reduction – so go ahead and find something to laugh about!
  • Laughter makes people happier and happier people laugh more often… who knows which is the chicken and which is the egg, but it’s worth practicing.
  • “Humor is an attitudes towards life.”
  • We talk about people walking around with rose colored glasses. There are people who walk around with crap colored glasses; unhappiness like happiness is very much a state of mind, and the only person suffering from it is he who doesn’t choose to change it.
  • Dr. Brian spent a long time trying to fit the role and image of a serious psychologist. It came at a cost. Being inauthentic is tiring.
  • To improve happiness: try these things (and listen to the podcast for more) try meditating, watch 1/2 hour of comedy daily.
  • Some recommendations by the Doc himself for that 30 min of daily humor: Bill Hicks, Bill Burr, Rodney Dangerfield,  Richard Prior, Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, & Laurie Kilmartin


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Laugh a Bit More with Dr. Brian King:

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Originally from New York, Dr Brian started his “life of comedy” while attending preschool in Tampa, Florida. In his own 4th-grade words “behind our house, were some really big sticker bushes, but one day I fell in the prickers oh boy was I in trouble! I was screaming like crazy!” He continued, “I saw a German shepherd and I started to follow it to the middle of town! My mom and dad went frantic so they drove down town and saw me.” (King, 1981, unpublished manuscript). The rest is pretty boring and poorly written, even by fourth-grader standards.

Dr Brian somehow overcame an untreated case of ADHD and the lure of German shepherds to become a psychologist with a specialization in human sexuality. He has led many research projects, written papers, and presented at national conferences regarding his research on s-e-x. As a quick glance at the classified ads will surely indicate, Dr Brian found few job openings with the title of “sex researcher” and therefore opted for less impressive job titles as “Professor”, “Consultant”, and “French Fry Technician.”

In the early 2000s, he later added “Advice Columnist” to his resume, writing the humorous relationship advice column “Ask Dr G” for various independent publications.

Now living in Los Angeles and realizing that he had it right the first time, Dr Brian decided to take his brand of humor to the stage as a stand-up comedian. His formal comedy career began in 2009, and he quickly developed a unique style that’s half professor, half idiot, and all smart-ass. He was the founder and producer of the highly-reviewed Wharf Room Comedy show. He also produces the annual Bay Area comedy competition “Walk The Plank” and can be seen at all the comedy clubs around the country, sometimes on stage.

He is also a fan of hip-hop, vodka martinis, and girls that wear skirts in the winter (although this has less impact in California). To date, he has not used a sticker bush in his stand-up act.

Here’s a recent interview with Dr Brian: www.careersinpsychology.org/interview/dr-brian-king/

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