Ep 26. Chef


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Take Home:

  • chef 2Even the people who seem the most comfortable with change …fear and resist it.
  • Beware, the words that you use and the language you surround yourself with daily, shapes your view and the world you live in.
  • “Excellence is a practice, not a state of being.” 
  • It is through shear work, practice, trial and error that we rise to become the best version of ourselves. It is a mistake to assume that one is simply born exception.
  • Human potential is UNLIMITED!
  • There is something truly terrifying with our current tendency to shield our children and ourselves from any kind of hardship, conflict or distress. It leads to a level of fear and reactivity that has potentially deadly consequences.


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More on Coach Wallach:

chef sitting

Chef’s life is food and fitness and he is among the happiest food, science, and functional fitness nerds around.

Knowing full well being an ‘expert’ means ‘knowing more and more about less and less’ he considers himself unduly blessed with the good fortune to be a lead instructor for the Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance as well as Board Chairman of this nationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefiting severely wounded veterans and civilian adaptive athletes. David is also a master chef and has taught Advanced Sports Nutrition to coaches and facilities owners on three continents over the last two decades.

After starting CrossFit in 2005 as his training of personal and professional choice, he ran head on into all things CrossFit as quickly as his feet could carry him only to discover the one thing more fun than doing CrossFit is coaching CrossFit. Chef maintains a simple motto, “We want you to know not just HOW to do what you need to do, but WHY you need to do it, you need to empowered by knowledge.”

As far as training? “If it’s heavy? Pick it up and move it as fast as you can, as long as you can. Then eat well, rest well, live well, laugh loud, then do it all again: heavier, farther and faster. Simple, isn’t it?”

Crossroads Adaptive Alliance
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