Ep 21 MelissaThis is a podcast for all the creatives, for all the people who don’t think they are creative but wish they were, and for anyone who mistakenly believes that failing and falling hard on your ass is something you can’t recover from.

Have you ever met someone who just makes you want to smile? Have you come across one of those people whose passion and energy are simply contagious? Melissa Dinwiddie is one of them. It’s hard to slap a label on Melissa; actually we discuss that at the beginning of the podcast. She’s part coach, part muse, part creativity instigator, and part genius. I wanted to have her on the show because she is someone who is willing to share a story of hitting rock bottom, and she is also proof that it can lead you straight up. I also think her message about being ‘unperfect’, messy, and allowing yourself to flail (and fail) is extremely important in a culture where our carefully curated social personas paint an unrealistic version of the world: where every meal is beautiful, every picture is polished and all undertakings are flawless. Have fun listening to this one, …and when you’re done take 5 to get creative and maybe even share your venture with us at Life in Focus.




etsy-irresistibleTake homes, highlights and soundbites:

  • “When you feed your creative hunger, your life goes from black and white to full color” 
  • Hitting rock bottom can happen to anyone. Often it’s a by product of not being who you are, not doing what’s right for you…
  • … but, it’s also something you can come back from: better, stronger, wiser. “I was lucky enough to hit rock bottom”
  • How do you find insight? What are ways you can check in with yourself when you don’t have a coach on hand? Melissa’s way has to do with being messy, creative, and unleashing your inner artist.
  • “self awareness + self compassion = the key to everything good”
  • Sometimes in order to find clarity you have to make messes.



Speaking of self -awareness, check out this awesome guide to writing your personal manifesto. Nothing is quite like defining what you stand for and who you are; it makes every decision, choice, and fork in the road easy to navigate.

More on Melissa –
Artist, Performer, Happiness Catalyst, Creativity Instigator.

Melissa Dinwiddie - artist, performer, Uke Diva, creativity instigatorI teach people like you to turn your creative taps to “on,” so you can live the kind of full-color life you long for.

I get you, because I’ve been there.

I’ve lived a very grey life for decades at a time. It took me a long time to embrace the labels “Creative” and “Artist,” but now I create  in a variety of expressions — visual art, writing, music, theater…

I’ve figured out how to get past the struggle and on with the joy, and I want to teach you what I’ve learned.

In the journey to the full-color, creative life I always hungered for, I’ve collected a whole cartload of tools that anyone can use to live their own full-color life, and I want to share them with you!

I share them on the blog, in my podcast, Live Creative Now!, and in my products and programs. And in my Insiders’ Newsletter, just for (wait for it…) insiders.



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