Ep 31- Be The Change with Tad Parzen

You know that expression: “Be the change you want to see”? Tad Parzen, one of Chris’ mentors, is the embodiment of that saying. Tad is a civic engineer, someone who has dedicated his life to designing solutions to issues that fundamentally undermine our social fabric. His passion is education and helping create systems that support […]

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Ep 29 – Take Leap, Act Now

    It’s a leap year, and why not use that as motivation to take action, move forward and take a personal leap in life. There are two main reasons people come to Life in Focus for coaching: 1) They know something needs to change, but they have no idea what it is, and therefore, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Better Dating

Modern day dating is like eating at a high-end buffet. In theory you have an immense selection of amazing choices, the possibilities are varied, and you should leave the table satisfied, having found exactly what you need and want. In reality, the sheer number of options is overwhelming. Although there is a lot you want, […]

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