The disaster that is life

I sit on the plane heading back home, embarrassed as tears stream down my face. I am a mess! I spend seven hours of this flight scribbling furiously in my journal – every thought, every fear, every concern, written and rewritten. I am so scared I will forget. I am so scared I will avoid all of […]

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The Happiness Myth

Four years ago Gretchen Rubin‘s first book on happiness, The Happiness Project, had a profound effect on me. I initially approached the book with a hefty dose of skepticism, because like many people I found the notion of pursuing happiness to be ridiculous, frivolous, and better left to unrealistic and immature people.  Clearly, I was being a close minded, snob, […]

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Ep 48 Dare To Be Inspired

Have you ever come across a book, a quote, a movie, or a real person that inspired you to make a real change in your life? I have! In this week’s episode of Life in Focus I talk about the book that got me thinking about happiness, life, and Life in Focus coaching. I also talk about what […]

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Ep 47 – It’s your Life

How appropriate is it to talk about dreaming big, thriving and living a great life when people are being gunned down in the streets, individuals are fleeing bloodshed, only to be marginalized in their ports of arrival, and the ones who govern us act like bickering children on a playground? This summer has been one of […]

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How To Do Nothing Like A Pro

It’s mid afternoon on a Monday. The day is hot, that dry kid of heat that has you feeling toasty and comforted. All around me the song of summer time insects – cicadas, beetles, bumblebees and bees – sets the rhythm of this lazy day. There is warm breeze in the air that carries with it the smell of flowering plants and […]

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Ep 45 – The Power of Influence

Whose’ life are you living? Are the choices you make yours or are they influenced by the values and desires of others? We are all influenced by the people in our lives. Sometimes the influence we get is sought out, and other times it is subtly internalized. Some influences we want and others we would […]

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Ep 44 – Lost & Found

Let’s talk about the most exciting, useful and self-defining document you can create to thrive and never feel lost again.   A year ago a few questions from a perceptive friend, and the right space of mind lead me to redefine who I was. In a matter of minutes I had created one of the most important […]

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Ep 43- Level Up! Part II

This is part II of our Level Up Episode- Learn about small changes you can make in love and happiness to get to the next level and THRIVE. Small changes can have a huge impact. Yet, we often ignore the smaller steps we can take in favor of big shifts, long-term goals and fancy transformations. At Life […]

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