In Her Shoes: Holly

You can find these shoes in… Hartland, WI, USA . They belong to… I turned 41 on March 4th of this year. I’m a single mom of two teenagers. I’ve been divorced for about 15 years and the kids have been estranged from their dad for a few years now. I am *very* single, and […]

Trust in the workplace in the #MeToo Era

This article was originally posted by Dr. Alessandra Wall and published on LinkedIn.    From recent Bloomberg and New York Time articles, to Tiffany Dufu’s MSNBC interview (shared right here on LinkedIn), to an email I just received from my sons’ school – subject title: “Raising Kids in the #MeToo era” – it looks like the […]

9 Things You Can Do To Be A Good Ally

“I’m just not sure what I can do about it…” “Listen, I’m not the one [insert discriminating behavior or state]! So what am I suppose to do?” It’s hard to be part of a system that unconsciously yet actively holds people down. It’s even harder, to be the person held back by that system. I […]

In Her Shoes: How to See the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Put yourself in her shoes… can you? In offices, households, schools, and cities all around the world we’re seeing a big push for more empathy (although I’m not sure many people realize that empathy is what they’re asking for). Empathy. It’s a basic human skill, one you might say fundamentally defines our humanity. Empathy is what […]

How to Avoid Arguments This Holiday Season (Part I – avoiding the circus)

Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. Theoretically, Thanksgiving is about coming together, joining in a ritual designed to show gratitude and appreciation for what we have and those who have helped us get here. Alas, like most gatherings of family and friends, it’s often the stage for un-winnable political […]

Why does therapy work?

WHY DOES THERAPY WORK? Ever wonder why therapy works? Do therapists possess some kind of deep wisdom and knowledge that unlocks your inner soul and dismantles your fears? Is it science, is there a tried and true formula for healing and empowering people? Or is it all bullshit, a placebo effect of sorts? Does therapy work […]

Intersectionality explained: How to come together and remain diverse

Diversity is big business In the world of business diversity is a HUGE agenda item. Companies are bending over backward trying to build more gender and culturally diverse teams. It makes sense: Economically speaking, data indicates that diverse teams are more productive and effective, while companies that have higher numbers of women in leadership are more […]

Can women really be powerful?

Can women be truly powerful? Yes, we can yield power. And yes, there is power within us. Yet we are limited – and we limit ourselves – in how we express it. Is that then really having power? There’s been much said and written about succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated world, but so much […]

I hate you, let’s talk…

If there’s one thing I can thank Donald Trump for it’s providing America and the rest of the world with a wake-up call too loud and obnoxious to ignore. The election of our 45th president has left us with little doubt or opportunity to ignore some decidedly unpleasant truths about our nation, what it stands for […]


Who the hell trades in a successful career with shows like American Idol and The Voice to start a business with no previous business experience? Meet 28-year-old, Los Angeles resident, Ellen Jaworski who went from slowly killing herself at a career she’d sacrificed everything to build, to traveling across the country – and the globe – […]

6 Easy Steps to Reclaim Your Morning (and Your Day)

You can hear it in the background, the soft melodic chirping of…what is that? Oh. Yeah. Your alarm. Wait! What day is it?!! Argh, Tuesday! It’s Tuesday, and your alarm is going off because you’re supposed to get up and go to work. It’s all coming together: the week ahead, today’s to-dos, and the fact that despite getting decent […]


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