You get to choose how you want to live
Are the choices you're making right for you?

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Overbooked & underwhelmed is not what you had planned

Your whole life you’ve tried to do the right thing – right school right career, right friends, right hobbies -, but right isn’t necessarily right for you.


You feel stuck. There has to be more to life than this.


On paper your life looks fine.  But in reality you feel overbooked, stressed-out, uninspired and too damn busy.


You’re reacting to life, not living it, and that’s not okay.


Understand what drives and fulfills you and start making choices that are right for you, only then will you create a life you genuinely look forward to everyday.

“I’ve worked in person and over the  phone with others […] and nothing that we did compared to what I got from working with Alessandra.
She kept me focused and actively working on what I really wanted to accomplish.”
Emily Reynolds – Owner, Founder, Coach of My Lean Body

Are you ready to start focusing on what's right for you?

  • You want to wake up in the morning and look forward to your day, everyday.
  • You need to stop worrying that you’ll never have time to do the things you really want to do.
  • You want to feel confident that the choices you make today will still feel right tomorrow.


You’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat, and reclaim your life. Let’s starts by figuring out what you really need to feel fulfilled.


I have help hundreds of people find their focus, make choices that were right for them, work through the uncertainty and fears that hold them back, to craft everyday lives they’re actually excited to wake-up to.


You deserve better and you can get it, when you start focusing on choices that are right for you.


You can and should have a life that feels right for you. You deserve to be busy doing things that inspire and excite you. I can help you get there sooner rather than later.

Start here! The LīF HUB is where people who expect more out of their life go to discover what right for them looks like, and learn to create a life they love, one choice at a time.

Get access the my signature coaching program + a growing community of like minded people to support and motivate you + weekly office hours to help you along. Join for 30-Day for FREE.

Membership to the LīF HUB offers coaching, community, resources and support

  • Access my signature coaching process, LīF
  • Join a like minded community for support and motivation
  • Weekly check-ins and office hours to move you along
  • Updates resources tools
  • First call on new events and coaching opportunities


“Holy $#!+, I’m exactly where I want to be. If [you’d] asked me 12 months ago where I wanted to be in a year, I could only have dreamed of this!

You helped me understand where I wanted to go and you helped me not be afraid to go there.”

SHAWNA NORTON – San Diego Rehab and Fitness

“I was able to move forward, in a significant way.

The insight I gained truly allowed me to avoid the hurdles and stumbling blocks that had previously held me back from real success!”

DONNA WUNDERLICH – Director of Residential Initiative, IHA, British Columbia

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The Program

Life isn’t something you get through. Nor should it be constantly stressful, overwhelming or uninspiring. Life can and should be exciting, inspiring, and fulfilling.

Check out LīF a series designed to help you build INSIGHT, conquer your ROADBLOCKS and create a plan of ACTION that is right for you.

Whether you want to do it on your own, in a group or work one on one with me, there’s a LīF that’s right for you.


The Blog

What does it mean to have a life that’s right for you? How do you build INSIGHT, get past ROADBLOCKS and move into ACTION?

All those questions and more are explored and answered in the Life in Focus Blog


The Podcast

A show about THRIVING + the difference between right and RIGHT for YOU. Listen to interviews from those who have it figured out, stories of real people who just like you are inspired to live a great story and get tips and expert advice on how to figure out right for you.

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