You can live or you can THRIVE!

You’re stuck – You’ve worked hard, been responsible, paid your dues, done everything right, yet your days drag on. Life should feel great, but it’s doesn’t…

You’re overbooked and underwhelmed – You’ve got a million things to do, a million things you want to do and by day’s end you’re exhausted, spent and somehow it all feels kind of empty.

You want more – You expected more out of life, you want to be living a great story, not just getting by, making do or surviving.

Thriving isn’t about doing what’s right, it’s about doing what’s right for you.


I don’t like feeling overbooked and underwhelmed.
I don’t want to just get by.

I don’t want to do something because it’s right for others.
I want a life that is right for me!

Don’t you?

Alessandra Wall, Ph.D.

Don’t wait until stress, time, energy and money aren’t an issue to THRIVE:

When the choices you make aren’t just right, but right for you

  • You stop wasting time and effort on things that don’t really matter.
  • You go from overbooked and underwhelmed to busy and content
  • Knowing what you want and need is simple – and becomes part of your everyday.
  • You THRIVE!

Can you tell the difference between right and right for you? The Focus Map can help you answer that question.

It’s not about what’s right, but what’s right for you…

  • sherimage2

    My goals were unattended because I couldn't attack them all at once.
    Life gets busy, priorities get all screwed up, but to have someone there to gently remind me to refocus or reprioritize was great.

    Sher MahrenSheryln Smith Coaching/ Eating Psychology and Body Image Coach
  • Emily Reynolds

    The work I have done with you has helped me more than anything I have done in the past!
    "I have worked with others who specialized in competitors before and nothing we did compared to what I got from you."

    Emily ReynoldsMy Lean Body
  • dawn

    I did not realize that I was trying to force myself into a pattern that wasn't going to ultimately benefit me.
    I try to follow the Change of Heart steps to overcome many different challenges in my life [...] and have a lot less stress.

    Dawn Hall
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